Apply a screen protector step by step

Check the right sizes

Before you start, test fit the film to ensure you have the correct size. Note the amount of margin that the film extends past the viewable display area, typically 2-4mm

A clean screen is essential

Be sure that screen, your hands and the film are meticulously clean. Use a good non-residue cleaner and a lint-free cloth to thoroughly clean the screen

Remove the back (tab back) protective layer

VPeel tab marked #1 backer sheet away from film via the pull tab. Use care so as not to crease film.

Make a loop of the protective film

Peel away 2-3 in of the backer sheet and loop it back on itself. Do not touch static side of film!

Determine the starting point for application

Starting in the upper-left corner, lay the edge of the film onto the screen. The film edges should extend past the viewable portion of the screen as noted in Step 1.

Check after 1/3 of applying the protective film

While keeping a sligth backward curl on the film, slowly roll it onto the screen. When 1/3 of the film is down, stop and check the alignment. If it’s off, pull the film back and re align.

Check for bubbles or dust

When applying the film, bubbles or bits of dust may be visible. If you see either, pull film back and check for debris on the film or the screen. Use the sticky side of a pice of tape to pick of debris.

Bumps less than 1 mm will disappear

Bubbles less than 1mm across will disappear within 24 hours. Larger bubbles and debris entrapment should be adressed during installation – See step 7.

Remove trapped air with a squeegee

A squeegee or creditcard can be used to aid in pushing out entrapped air. Do not cover any camera lens if needed.

Remove the protective layer on the back

When the last 1-2 in of un-adhered film remain, pull the backer sheet off of the remaining.

Clean and remove the "front" protective layer tab

Use a soft (microfibre) cloth to push any buccles towards the closest edge. Wipe the entire film, press the edges down, to make sure they are fully adhered tot the screen. Note if necessary: ​​Calibrate after installation and / or cleaning for the correct color reproduction the monitor via the system preference settings.


Re-apply? Clean the back of the foil. The static film should be dried with a lint-free cloth. Don't touch the static back of the foil to avoid fingerprints, it is convenient to take 2 pieces of removable scotch tape on a 1/3 of the protective film to have handles to re-apply. Then start with step 1 of the application instructions.

Need help or advice?

Direct contact with one of our specialists?

Need help or advice?

Direct contact with one of our specialists?